Microbiological test of the RA-24 rotor

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NEW CENTRIFUGE ROTOR RA-24 successfully passed Microbiological aerosol tightness tests

All tests were performed using a concentrated suspension of Bacillus atrophaeus spores (1010 spores / mL), according to the protocol defined in the SIST EN 61010-2-020:2007 standard.

Sampling spots were sampled using sterile cotton swabs. Hydrogen peroxide was used for decontamination, to remove any spores after the samplings. Preliminary tests were performed to determine that 100% of spores were removed or made inviable using the hydrogen peroxide treatment of the rotor, the centrifuge and the testing cabinet. All of these were analysed before each of the tests, and the spores were consistently totally absent before the tests.

The test was performed in three independent replicates.

The centrifuge was run for 5 minutes at 18,000 rpm (= 31,150 rcf).

Tests were performed by University of Ljubljana, Biotecnical Faculty, Department of Biology.

Download official report of Microbiological tests, with detailed information.